Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tasmanian Chocolate Dwarf Tomato and Beijing Yellow

I've potted on loads of the previously sown tomato seedlings now and just wanted to make a mention of the Tasmanian Chocolate Dwarf Tomatoes and the Beijing Yellow. They have grown significantly faster and bigger than the others; even considering they have all been in a cold greenhouse for a few weeks now.

Some of the seeds included in this circle have been added to my 'Heritage Box' which is basically a tray of 12 seedlings which included a mix of about 4 chillis/peppers and the rest tomatoes. All are open pollinated and will be sown tray by tray over the coming weeks. Each tray £5. £5 for 12 Heritage/Open Pollinated seedlings I think is quite good - and the money made will [of course] be put towards more seeds for 2013.

 A pic of some sun drenched daffs for you. Happy Easter [yes, I'm 2 days late, what of it?]

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