Saturday, 7 April 2012

Update - Sat 7th April 2012

Quick update:
I held a training session last week and many of the tomatoes and peppers were transplanted by the attendees and taken back to their schools to grow on. One of the workshops was a small quiz on seedlings and one teacher took a shine to a pot of Egyptian Walking Onions that I had put in as a red herring, so I presented it to him at the end as a prize.

Now, It's been a bit of a manic few weeks so I have lost track of every single seedling but I am repotting later today so will have a tray of this circle's toms and peppers to photo later. I'll be keeping one of each and the others will be grown in schools, given away or swapped. I will potentially take some to the Nottingham Organic Gardeners' annual seed and plant swap in May as well.

Oh, and the Golden Sweet Mange Tout are in the lottie with a net over them against pea moth - and the Bijou pea are in a pot in the greenhouse and will also go to the lottie under a net - possibly later today if the weather picks up.

I've attached a photo of some White Snake's Head Fritillary that I saw at Anglesea Abbey last weekend.

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