Sunday, 29 April 2012

Washout - paper pots

Well, I'd love to post something interesting but it's been such a washout few weeks, with very little going on that I have nothing.

Well, apart from paper pots. If I made one pot last week I made 100.

Which basically means, that's all I did last week with all the classes that I joined.

So - paper pots. There are loads of designs but I've found that the best one is this:

Take a sheet of A4 paper. One that is for the scrap box, naturally.

Have it on the desk or table in front of you - portrait style

fold in half - the bottom comes up to meet the top.

 Then fold in half again, like a book.
 Half open up and bring the crease of the fold down to meet the table to make a triangle/arrow

Like this.

 Then flip the paper

 Do the same again with the other crease

 And you have an arrow with folds visible.

 You need to refold the triangle so that no folds are visible, which means turning the page like a book on one half - flipping it and turning the other page like a book.

You should have flat paper on both sides

 Then - and there are various methods of doing this but the simplest is: Fold the right 1/3 over to the middle, and then the left over to the middle leaving the middle strip.
Like so:
 And so:

Flip over and do the same again.

If you now fold the top flaps down, and into your pot, and open the inside up you have a paper pot.

You can either fill it immediately - like so [with seeds or plants]

Or you can make a larger pot by folding less to the middle and store all your pots 'flatpack' style until you are ready to use them.

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